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the sound of loneliness makes me happier

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Since everyone likes to make each descripton complicated, I can
surely make mine long, dull, and where a eye wont even meet any of
the words. I am 15 years old, and I am not a big believer in that
years makes you wiser, since I never learn from doing the awkward
scenes. I am danish, a country I love very much, and I like to
bike around in Copenhagen and eat patry in Kongens Have. I have
a passion for New York, and I believe that I am going to live there
when I get older. If it is in a stinky loft, or a apartment right next
to central park, I (almost) do not care. I love music, and in my
freetime I go to concerts as much as I can afford. My list of lovers
in music includes, Veto, Kashmir, Mew, Carpark North, Hanson, Bright eyes,
dashboard confessionals, something corporate, and a bunch of others
are sitting proudly on a shelf. I love to read, a passion I guess my
mother passed on to me, (who has been a member of the same bookclub the last
30 years) and I recommend A girl in times square, On beauty, The catalpa
tree, and A million little pieces. Read them. Now.

I party sometimes, other times I am a party pooper. My social life is
like a rollercoaster, since I am a pretty boring girl in some ways.
My wallet is always craving for money, though I have a reputation for
letting them out to easily, and things get bought and damn. Yeah,
the teenage syndrom. But to cut all of this off, in a simple way,
so you dont need to read all of this, but only the next line.
I am just a plain jane, who is addicted to Starbucks and joe and the juice.

Lily and her Spencer could maybe speed away, forever
looking for a place, where they'll never be found.
Without demands, without dead ends, without alcohol,
without protocol, a safe place with no sorrow, no
monocytes, no blascytes, no whisky, no war, just a
little bit of mercy, a wet and sunny life, and the
remains of their fathomless frail free of human
- The Girl in Times Square

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